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Our philosophy is to use evidence-based medicine and procedures to treat osteoarthritis, back pain, and other degenerative diseases.

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About CCRT™

We specialize in Regenerative and Translational Medicine. Regenerative medicine is a new and revolutionary field that uses clinical solutions to repair and heal damaged tissues in the body due to aging, trauma, or disease. Our procedures promote healing, regulate cellular functions, implement immunomodulation and regenerate damaged tissue.


Regenerative and Translational Therapy

Our philosophy is based on the concept of delivering evidence-based solutions in the fields of:


We use biologics to treat and repair damaged tissue. The accelerated advances in biotechnology and cell biology allow us to deliver clinical treatments to conditions that were deemed untreatable in the past.


We can boost the body’s natural healing potential by providing proteins and molecules that eliminate any toxic and damaging processes in a tissue. This process allows us to promote the tissue into a healthy state.

Our Clinical Procedures and Applications

Conditions that can be treated with Regenerative Medicine:

Musculoskeletal Issues


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