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- Amanda P.

Being a pragmatic person, and having reached the age of 74, I never believed in the concept of miracles. But all that 'miraculously' changed for me when I randomly walked into one of Dr. Shammaa's clinics with a very severe and extremely painful double case of hip deterioration that necessitated my hobbling around with 2 canes. And to add to that distress, a shoulder that was partially immobile from severe arthritis, which made sleeping a nightmare.

Having enjoyed a extremely active lifestyle, which included a love of golf and tennis, I truly believed that those special activities had now become a thing of the past for me. And the inability to even be mobile without extreme pain was quickly developing into a state of increasing depression for me. I thought my life was over, and had little hope of recovering a normal lifestyle again, let alone ever playing tennis or golf again.

But my fortune radically changed when I met Dr. Shammaa in August 2016.

He carefully explained a procedure called Platelet Rich Plasma ('PRP') which simply involved taking some of my own blood, and extracting  the PRP from it by way of special equipment they had on site, and re-injecting the PRP into my hips and shoulder joints.

I had nothing to lose and agreed to the procedure, though I was told it would probably require 3 separate injections into each joint over a period of several weeks.

I booked my first appointment on Sept.15 2016 at his Yorkville location, and the entire procedure took less than an hour to extract and re-inject the PRP in both hips and shoulder, and did not require anaesthesia.

Dr. Shammaa warned that my joint pain would likely increase over the following week, (which it did,) but after about 10 days I started to notice a dramatic decrease in pain and an even more dramatic increase in mobility in my hips and shoulder.

Three weeks after the injections, I disposed of my canes, and started walking and moving normally again...and WITHOUT ANY PAIN WHATSOEVER!

One month after the injections, my depression lifted, I started sleeping without interruption and playing tennis again! 

Dr. Shammaa made me a  believer in miracles...especially the miracle of PRP!

It is now May 2017, and after only one PRP injection in my hips and shoulder, I  play tennis and golf better than ever, sleep deeply...and have total mobility without pain!

I hope that anyone who reads this testimonial really considers giving Dr. Shammaa the opportunity to work the same medical magic for them, by removing the misery of severe joint pain and restoring them to an active, pain free and happy life again.

Very sincerely and gratefully


I'm thrilled to report that both hips have miraculously returned to normal!
No pain, no stiffness, great mobility....Hooray!
So, if you agree, I am not going to go ahead with second PRP shots now, but take a wait and see position and hope that the first shots did the trick.
My hands are now 70% better after only 4 days.
Please advise when the earliest I can come back for the second shoulder shot.

–Mr. Breslin


I've started walking again, and my left knee feels fine, my right knee which was more degenerative, still aches when I'm walking, but not as much or as often as before.

Swelling has gone quite a bit, and I'm being patient in regards allowing the treatment to take the time it needs for healing…already I am seeing improvements.

Thanks very much for your help.



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